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This is you. Covered in and consisting of flowers and beauty. 

My approach to therapy is that sometimes we carry really large backpacks that hold our histories, thoughts, and wounds. Those backpacks can get really heavy and sometimes we don’t want anyone to see that we’re holding them. My goal will be to gently help you unpack it and organize and let go of things so that you can start to feel lighter, freer, and better.

As a mother myself, I also have a special place in my heart for providing a wide range of therapy support for mothers of all ages and stages in their lives.

From infertility, birth loss, pregnancy, preparing yourself for labor, and postpartum support to relationships, career, trauma, and mothers transitioning to so many new experiences. 

Did you know as women, we transition from so many physical changes from puberty, motherhood, and menopause. Our bodies are miraculous things of beauty that allow us to do incredible things and we need to talk more about all aspects of the changes we endure and how we are impacted emotionally by it all.


We are so strong.

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