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What if Racism Was "Acknowledged" as a Mental Health Issue?

I am hereby committing to doing my part as mental health professional to seeing how I can advance making racism a mental health diagnostic by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Others have tried and it is not an accident that they have not succeeded.

I don’t believe very much in diagnosing or the very colonized institution of “psychology” but I do believe something important can be learned, modeled, controlled, or changed if we start to make people who are racist or entitled more accountable or identifiable in a measurable sense.


Racism, bigotry, and entitlement cause trauma and are a mixture of mental health symptoms such as narcissism, fear, psychosis, anger, paranoia, greed, etc.


This is a beginning exploration to see how we can classify what racism really is, how it is created, ways it perpetuates so much harm, and most importantly-how to decrease it.

Your purchase of a t-shirt will support my time and application towards making this a reality. It will send a message of thought to everyone who sees your shirt as well and perhaps a call to action to join us. 25% of the proceeds will also go towards a therapy fund for people of color. Lets start a foundation that provides free therapy for those who cannot afford it.

I can’t think of anything better to dedicate my time or platform to. For us, for our children, and for those who came before us who prayed for this day. Who wants to join me?

We are getting wiser little by little every day and a better time is coming. Thank you to everyone doing your part to improve this world we have been given. We are each little flames and together we can create a big fire and burn down everything that no longer serves us.

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